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Diploma in Sourcing and Recruiting

Finding the right candidates and talent is vital to any organization, but what about the people providing your company with the talent needed to grow? This Diploma offers Sourcers and Recruiters the professional skills they need to take your company's hiring to the next level.

The three most important questions Recruiting leaders always ask are:

  1. How can sourcing and recruiting save us time? 
  2. How can sourcing and recruiting make or save us money?
  3. How can sourcing and recruiting remove organizational risk?

Our answers are simple: If your recruiters don’t have time to source, then they’re not doing it right! If they are not doing it right, they are wasting your money. If they are wasting your money, your competitors will have an advantage. Your scenario may be one in which you are throwing money away on underutilized resources, and failing to maximize the economies of scale brought about by sourcing. The good news is that most hesitation and uncertainty in our industry comes from information bloat, and we have the tried-and-true solutions.

If you think finding candidates on LinkedIn is sourcing, then you dont know a thing about it.
Glenn Bentrim, Sourcing Consultant InteliSearch, Inc. and Graduate of The Sourcing Institute 

With our patented technology, Sourcers & Recruiters can boost their productivity by up to twice the baseline rate with coaching targeted to performance-driver deficiencies. 


  • Hire the perfect candidate and spend less time sifting through unqualified resumes 
  • Online courses are self-paced, available 24-7 and optimized for mobile devices
  • Increase your search capabilities and build credibility 
  • Promote your company brands with effective email
  • Get the most out of your current recruitment tools
  • Improve candidate outreach including through social media and mobile SMS (texting) 

Complete the following required courses in the order listed and pass the final exam to earn the Diploma in Sourcing and Recruiting.

Diploma = $1,795

ES-160Managing The Sourcing Desk: Sourcing Roadmap
AO-255Managing Information Overload
ES-140Interpreting Resumes - Reading Between the Lines
ES-180Selecting Keywords
ES-200How Search Engines Work
SE-231Global Search Engine Commands and Syntax
SE-461Specialized Google Commands
SE-221Capitalize Your Resources: Mastering Search Inside your own ATS
AO-485Building Custom Search Engines
NR-343LinkedIn: Advanced Searching
NR-363LinkedIn: Advanced Networking and Branding
SE-351People Lookups
SE-691Natural Language Search
SE-701Deep Web Search
SE-731Peer Regression Search
AO-525Automating through RSS Feeds and Alerts
ES-210Diversity: Recruitment Fundamentals
DI-767Diversity: Advanced Sourcing
DI-407Diversity: Veteran and Military Sourcing Techniques
DI-517Diversity: International Sourcing
CM-246Working With Clients: The Requisition Intake Meeting
CM-386Working With Clients: Turning Difficult Hiring Managers into Raving Fans
CM-396Working with Clients: Lasting Hiring Manager Partnerships (what hiring managers want)
IC-302Effective Emails to Passive Candidates
IC-312Passive Candidate Outreach via Social Media Channels
IC-322Persuasive Communication Styles
IC-332Passive Candidate Cold Calling Techniques
MK-424Designing Compelling Job Postings
MK-664Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Job Postings
MK-674Search Engine Marketing/Advertising (SEM, SEA), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social/Contextual Ads
MK-604Developing Online Talent Communities