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Live Webinars

All of the courses listed below are offered as private live webinars for individuals and groups. The courses are presented online via GoToWebinar. They are 60 minutes of presentation followed by 30 minutes of Q&A, unless otherwise noted or agreed upon. All standard single participant webinars are $195. Pricing for group webinars is determined by number of participants and duration. Contact us for more information.

Course NumberCourse TitlePrice
AO-255Information Overload$195.00
AO-485Building Custom Search Engines (Google CSE, Blekko, Gigablast)$195.00
AO-525Automating through RSS Feeds and Alerts$195.00
AO-685Productivity and Time Management Tools, Monitoring, Filtering, and Dashboards$195.00
AO-775Sourcing Automation Tools, Toolbars, Bookmarks, Macros, and Scripts$195.00
CM-246Working With Clients - The Requisition Intake Meeting$195.00
CM-266Packaging Candidates$195.00
CM-386Working With Clients - Turning Difficult Hiring Managers into Raving Fans$195.00
CM-396Working with Clients: Lasting hiring manager partnerships (what hiring managers want)$195.00
CM-956Client Prospect Sourcing$195.00
DI-407Diversity Veteran and Military Sourcing Techniques$195.00
DI-417International Recruitment Fundamentals$195.00
DI-517International Sourcing$195.00
DI-767Diversity Advanced Sourcing$195.00
ES-101Introduction to Sourcing and Recruiting: Part 1 Strategy$195.00
ES-102Introduction to Sourcing and Recruiting: Part 2 Tactics$195.00
ES-110The Recruiting Process Start to Finish: Embedding Sourcing in the Recruitment Function$195.00
ES-140Interpreting Resumes - Reading Between the Lines$195.00
ES-150Managing The Recruiting Desk - Recruiting Roadmap$195.00
ES-160Managing The Sourcing Desk - Sourcing Roadmap$195.00
ES-170Managing Your Desk - Recruitment Roadmap for Agencies and RPO$195.00
ES-180Selecting Keywords$195.00
ES-190Screening, Interviewing and Reference Checking$195.00
ES-198Introduction to Sourcing and Recruiting$195.00
ES-200How Search Engines Work$195.00
ES-210Diversity Recruitment Fundamentals$195.00
LE-808Conducting an Internal Sourcing and Recruitment SWOT Analysis$295.00
LE-818Executing a 360-Degree Recruitment and Sourcing Diagnostic$295.00
LE-828Extreme Optimization of Sourcing Effectiveness$295.00
LE-838Making the Build or Buy Decision and Selecting Sourcing Technology Vendors Suppliers and Services$295.00
LE-858Just-in-time Sourcing and Pipeline Management$295.00
LE-868Actionable Sourcing Metrics and Organizational Models$295.00
LE-878Blueprint for Embedding Sourcing Into Existing Recruiting$295.00
LE-888Finding Selecting Hiring and Managing Sourcers$295.00
LE-898Working Remotely and Managing Virtual Teams$295.00
MK-374Attracting Candidates Via Blogging and Blog Marketing$195.00
MK-424Designing Compelling Job Postings$195.00
MK-604Developing Online Talent Communities$195.00
MK-614Facebook, Advanced Recruitment Marketing$195.00
MK-624Twitter, Advanced Recruitment Marketing$195.00
MK-634Job Posting, Global Best Practices and Actionable Metrics$195.00
MK-644Branding HR Within Your Organization$195.00
MK-654Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Social Media Profiles (LinkedIn Twitter Facebook)$195.00
MK-664Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Job Postings$195.00
MK-674Search Engine Marketing/Advertising (SEM, SEA), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social/Contextual Ads$195.00
NR-133Social Networking Fundamentals (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Etc.)$195.00
NR-343LinkedIn, Advanced Searching$195.00
NR-363LinkedIn Advanced Networking and Branding$195.00
NR-433Social Media Strategies for Employment Branding and Social/Contextual Marketing$195.00
NR-843Compliance in Sourcing and Social Media$295.00
IC-302Effective Emails$195.00
IC-312Passive Candidate Outreach via Social Media Channels$195.00
IC-322Persuasive Communication Styles$195.00
IC-332Passive Candidate Cold Calling Techniques$195.00
IC-442Outreach via Mobile and SMS (texting)$195.00
IC-752Telephone Sourcing$195.00
SE-121Capitalize Your Resources: Searching Modern Databases and Job Boards$195.00
SE-221Capitalize Your Resources Mastering Search Inside your own ATS$195.00
SE-231Global Search Engine Commands and Syntax$195.00
SE-351People Lookups$195.00
SE-461Specialized Google Commands$195.00
SE-471Specialty Search Engines: Bing, Exalead and Others$195.00
SE-471Sourcing for Competitive Recruitment Intelligence$195.00
SE-491Twitter, Advanced Search$195.00
SE-501Facebook, Advanced Search$195.00
SE-691Natural Language Search$195.00
SE-701Deep Web Search$195.00
SE-711Reference and Referral Sourcing$195.00
SE-721Searching and Sourcing From Blogs$195.00
SE-731Peer Regression Search$195.00