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Online Courses

Course NumberTitlePrice
AO-255Managing Information Overload$99.00
AO-485Building Custom Search Engines$99.00
AO-525Automating through RSS Feeds and Alerts$99.00
CM-246Working With Clients: The Requisition Intake Meeting$99.00
CM-386Working With Clients: Turning Difficult Hiring Managers into Raving Fans$99.00
CM-396Working with Clients: Lasting Hiring Manager Partnerships (what hiring managers want)$99.00
DI-407Diversity: Veteran and Military Sourcing Techniques$99.00
DI-517Diversity: International Sourcing$99.00
DI-767Diversity: Advanced Sourcing$99.00
ES-210Diversity: Recruitment Fundamentals$99.00
ES-140Interpreting Resumes - Reading Between the Lines$99.00
ES-160Managing The Sourcing Desk: Sourcing Roadmap$99.00
ES-180Selecting Keywords$99.00
ES-200How Search Engines Work$99.00
LE-808Conducting an Internal Sourcing and Recruitment SWOT Analysis$105.00
LE-818Executing a 360-Degree Recruitment & Sourcing Diagnostic$295.00
LE-828Extreme Optimization of Sourcing Effectiveness Part 1$180.00
LE-828BExtreme Optimization of Sourcing Effectiveness Part 2$85.00
LE-838Making the Build or Buy Decision and Selecting Sourcing Technology, Vendors, Suppliers, and Services$185.00
LE-868Actionable Sourcing Metrics and Organizational Models$150.00
LE-878Blueprint for Embedding Sourcing Into Existing Recruiting Teams$295.00
LE-888Finding, Selecting, Hiring, and Managing Sourcers$195.00
LE-898Working Remotely and Managing Virtual Teams$125.00
MK-424Designing Compelling Job Postings$99.00
MK-604Developing Online Talent Communities$99.00
MK-664Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Your Job Postings$99.00
MK-674Search Engine Marketing/Advertising (SEM, SEA), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Social/Contextual Ads$99.00
NR-343LinkedIn: Advanced Searching$99.00
NR-363LinkedIn: Advanced Networking and Branding$99.00
IC-302Effective Emails to Passive Candidates$99.00
IC-312Passive Candidate Outreach via Social Media Channels$99.00
IC-322Persuasive Communication Styles$99.00
IC-332Passive Candidate Cold Calling Techniques$99.00
SE-221Capitalize Your Resources: Mastering Search Inside your own ATS$99.00
SE-231Global Search Engine Commands and Syntax$99.00
SE-351People Lookups$99.00
SE-461Specialized Google Commands$99.00
SE-691Natural Language Search$99.00
SE-701Deep Web Search$99.00
SE-731Peer Regression Search$99.00