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Onsite Training

The Sourcing Institute will come to your location and deliver customized training designed specifically to meet your needs. The topics for the onsite presentation can be chosen from any and all of the following:

  • Our training modules
  • Your current or past requisitions
  • Any other content you deem as points-of-emphasis within your organization

With many of our training modules that involve problem solving or understanding points-of-view & methodology, we believe sometimes they are best conveyed in person, where the instruction can be personalized. You will receive professional insight from the instructor and have the opportunity to stop and ask questions, clarify misconceptions, and have an open dialogue. With our live onsite training we will use current examples of requisitions being worked by your company and show you how you can find the perfect candidate in real time with our techniques.

Attendees will come away from the experience with a new breadth and depth of knowledge and a renewed sense of purpose and enthusiasm for aligning talent with employment opportunities. Contact us for more information.