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Business Solutions

The STARS Program is a set of four Business Solutions that can be purchased together or separately. 


  • STARS Technical Evaluation

    Accurately measure what your sourcers and recruiters know against what the business requires them to know. Uncover knowledge and skill gaps that can be eliminated through training.

  • STARS Sourcing Development

    Get a sourcing checkup with this diagnostic and receive a report identifying best practices you will need to implement in order to stay competitive.

  • STARS Contract Sourcing

    Why not try before you buy? We provide contract sourcers fully-trained and backed by us, and they are available to work on part-time or short-term projects. We also offer pipeline and sourcing assistance on a continual basis.

  • STARS Consulting

    Leveraging everything in our repertoire, we provide a comprehensive suite of advisory services to identify sourcing and recruiting best practices that can be customized and implemented in order to optimize your organization's recruitment goals.