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Sourcing Certification

The Sourcing Certification curriculum is all about identifying talent online and therefore focuses on research techniques and initial candidate development. In order to complete this program, take the following courses in the order they are listed and pass the final exam.


ES-160Managing The Sourcing Desk: Sourcing Roadmap
ES-180Selecting Keywords
ES-200How Search Engines Work
SE-231Global Search Engine Commands and Syntax
SE-461Specialized Google Commands
SE-221Capitalize Your Resources: Mastering Search Inside your own ATS
AO-485Building Custom Search Engines
NR-343LinkedIn: Advanced Searching
SE-351People Lookups
SE-691Natural Language Search
SE-701Deep Web Search
SE-731Peer Regression Search
AO-525Automating through RSS Feeds and Alerts
DI-767Diversity: Advanced Sourcing
DI-407Diversity: Veteran and Military Sourcing Techniques
DI-517Diversity: International Sourcing