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Talent Strategy Consulting


We Add Immense Value To Your Sourcing And Recruitment Organization

The three most important questions leaders always ask are:

  1. How can sourcing and recruiting save us time?
  2. How can sourcing and recruiting make or save us money?
  3. How can sourcing and recruiting remove organizational risk?

Our answer to that is simple: If your recruiters don’t have time to source, then they’re not doing it right! If they are not doing it right, they are wasting your money. If they are wasting your money, your competitors will have an advantage. Your scenario may be one in which you are throwing money away on underutilized resources, and failing to maximize the economies of scale brought about by sourcing. The good news is that most hesitation and uncertainty in our industry comes from information bloat, and we have the tried-and-true solutions.

Strategic Advisory Services

Provide leadership advisory services the outcome of which will be to identify sourcing best practices that can best be customized and implemented in order to optimize your recruitment goals. The objective is to design a road map merging established best practices with your team's strengths and resources, empowering them to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through superior sourcing, and ultimately aligning recruitment sourcing with leadership goals. We will do this in four phases -- DIAGNOSTIC, DESIGN, DELIVERY, & MEASUREMENT -- meeting the following main objectives:

  • Standardize the sourcing function and integrate it with recruitment
  • Improve recruitment responsiveness by increasing sourcing capability
  • Institutionalize proactive sourcing in response to talent market demands
  • Respond to globalization pressures placed on the availability of talent
  • Align the talent pipeline with strategic business requirements
  • Evaluate sourcing workflow (procedures, practices and programs)
  • Recommend, select, and implement appropriate systems

Social Recruitment Marketing

Included in our advisory services, we will work with you to maximize your social recruiting marketing efforts. While you can no longer afford to "ignore" social recruiting channels, much time and effort is wasted by the distractions social media generates. We'll show you how to navigate those distractions and identify which channels to tap. From content generation and curation all the way through to visibility and social media engagement, we'll guide you through it all.          

Get a checkup from the neck up with this diagnostic and get a report identifying best practices you will need to implement in order to stay competitive.